Who Am I?

My name is Antoni Muldoon and I have spent most of my life conning people. I have just completed an eight year prison sentence and I discovered that I didn’t like myself very much. I realised that making money from vulnerable people was not a clever thing to do. I decided that on my release from prison I would try to atone for my past mistakes and spend the time I have left helping people avoid getting scammed by people like me. So I have set up this website to do just that. I will make available for free download, various eBooks covering every scam that is likely to affect the majority of you.

The FAQ’s page will cover hopefully every question that you will want to ask. The page will be fully interactive and will allow you to comment and post details of scams or possible scams that you may have been a victim of or that you think you may become a victim of. Being interactive means that the information will always be up to date. The site is and always will be totally free, so any contributions will be gratefully received and I don’t mean money.

I would be grateful if people would contribute by interacting with me and help me grow the site to be a major force in the never ending fight against the fraudsters. As the site grows, I want to add 24 hour contact by installing an instant chat service, auto-responders and a fully responsive email service. So please interact with me and help me to help you avoid losing any of your hard earned money.

What I can do for you

  • Provide tips to help you avoid being a victim

  • Take steps to protect yourself from being a victim of scams:

  • Be wary of “opportunities” to invest your money in franchises or investments that require you to bring in more investors to increase your profit, or recoup your initial investment.

  • Independently verify the legitimacy of any franchise or investment.

  • Be sceptical of success stories and testimonials of fantastic earnings.

To promote scam awareness and prevention.