• Pros and Cons There are benefits to owning a timeshare, especially if you take lots of holidays each year. But the benefits decrease as the years pass and the reasons for the original purchase pass with time. One of the problems is that, as people get older, they tend to take less and less foreign holidays. One of the main benefits to buying a timeshare holiday is the opportunity to swap your week/weeks from the resort you purchased with other comparable resorts around the



    Antoni Muldoon Timeshare Exposé

  • The Scam It starts with an innocuous phone call and escalates into a nightmare "Hello Visa Card Services here." That simple little hello is going to lead you into a financial nightmare that you just wouldn’t believe could happen to you. How would I know what was coming? Because I am the one who made that first phone call, well not always me, sometimes one of the guys I worked with. We were a good little team or should I say bad little team.


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  • Dating Site Scams Pros and Cons The main reason people use dating sites is to find the love of their life; they may have broken up with a long-term partner, the parent of their child or their partner has sadly passed away. Whatever the reason may be, people use dating sites to meet the next love of their life; someone to love, adore and share the rest of their life with. The downside to using dating sites is that you put yourself into a vulnerable position, sometimes people

    become so desperate for love that they will follow their heart and ignore their brain in the hope that the person they are talking to really is as madly in love with themselves and they are in them


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  • THE BANKERS In the days when banks were trusted to meet the every day financial needs of ordinary people, men and women in suits pulled off one of the biggest cons in modern history. Motivated by greed, they applied surcharges to mortgage, personal loan and credit card agreements in the form of Payment Protection Insurance - commonly known as PPI. While some financially stressed consumers felt obliged to pay the premiums


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  • This Book – No 5 – Big Book of Little Scams has taken the book market by storm. This time we have moved on from covering one single scam, to covering lots of little ones. The scams may be little but the damage they cause is far from little so this book is a must for your library. It contains scams you were not even aware were scams.


    Antoni Muldoon The Big Book of Little Scams

  • THE BIGGEST SCAM? The Ponzi scheme has been conning investors with little knowledge of the financial investment industry out of their hard-earned cash for more than 100 years. It came to modern-day prominence when the former NASDAQ chairman Bernie Madoff stunned regulators by admitting that the wealth management arm of his previously respected Wall Street business was, in fact, an elaborate con. The fraud, the biggest of its kind in history, was uncovered in


    Antoni Muldoon The History of the Ponzi Scam