The History of the Ponzi Scam

My name is Antoni Muldoon. And I have spent most of my life conning people and decided that it was time to cross over that fence. I decided that on my release from prison I would try to atone for my past mistakes. And therefore, spend the time I have left helping people avoid getting scammed by people like me. So the idea for this series was born. Moreover, the first book off the shelf was Timeshare Exposé. That book was so well received that we decided to release the second book in the series early. Courier Scam Expose, Well the demand for the information we provide is growing fast and more and more people are getting scammed, so we released book No 3 Dating Scams Expose. Fake dates. That was quickly followed by book No 4 PPI Scam Expose. That one was a biggie. Book No 5 Big Book of Little Scams has taken the book market by storm. Therefore, we are pleased to release this fascinating book. The story of the biggest crook in history – Bernie Madeoff and The History of the Ponzi Scam Exposé. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it……

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