Timeshare scams Expose

I decided that on my release from prison I would try to atone for my past mistakes and spend the time I have left helping people avoid getting scammed by people like me and also avoid timeshare scams. So the idea for this series was born.

So first off the shelf is an exposé of the timeshare industry, a business rife with people intent on parting the gullible public from their hard earned money. Hopefully this book will turn the tables on the timeshare scammers. You will be shocked and surprised at some of the big names involved with ripping off potential timeshare buyers.

They range from major hotel chains through to some of the biggest holiday companies in the business. In this book we cover everything from the initial purchase of your timeshare, through to your first holiday and onwards to using the holiday exchange system. Further along the slippery slope to the resale stage and on to the ‘we will get your money back for you’ scam…..

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