Welcome to Scam-Busters

Your site to protect you and your loved ones from the ever-growing threat of Scammers/Fraudsters

We are pleased you chose to join us and get into the ever growing battle against the Scammers, believe me they are learning and growing all the time, we have to not only keep pace with them but be one step ahead of them at all times.

I built this site purely to atone for my wrong doings in the past, I have been described as a Poacher turned Gamekeeper and I suppose that’s true. Everything on this site that is downloadable, viewable or readable is yours for free and always will be. I must admit that it has been a bit of a struggle since I was released from prison as I now have to live on my state pension (and I am sure you know how small that is?)

So I have set up this donation page to help me continue to fight fraud in any form. Whatever happens, I will always keep this site going and up to date but with a little help from donations, maybe we can get there quicker and beat the fraudsters. Being an ex Fraudster/conman I have had ex so called friends threatening to do all sorts of wonderful things to me including castration, at 71 years of age, that is the least of my worries.

So the donations start at only £5.00 and go up only by the amount of your generosity. But please never feel that you have to donate, as I said as long as you are a member, everything on Scam-Busters site will always be free. So no obligations, just my eternal gratitude for any help you can give.

Keep a look out as in the next few weeks I am going to put up plenty more freebies, not all scam related but everyone will find something they would like. Self help eBooks, useful links and many more videos. All free and all for your personal use.